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You’ll push yourself a little harder when you exercise among a group—and marvel even more at what you just accomplished as the surge of adrenaline subsides and exhaustion creeps in. It’s a place few people find and fewer return to, but this is where stamina and strength build from a flicker to a flame to an inferno.


Come ready to sweat with punches and kicks that will ramp up your fitness level to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, core integration and flexibility.


A strong core, properly aligned spine, focused breathe, and mental concentration are the cornerstones of a person’s physical health and wellness. Pilates achieves all of this and more by strengthening and enhancing one’s body through a low impact workout developing coordination, balance and agility.


High-intensity intermittent training (HIIt) is a form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense exercise with less-intense recovery periods


A full body toning class working upper, lower, and abdominal muscle groups. All exercises will be to the beat of the music with high repetitions to give you the “sculpted” look!


A full body toning class with intervals of Plyometric exercises.  You will work your body from head to toe!


Our yoga classes unite the mind and body for a restorative and invigorating practice. You will focus on increasing your flexibility and strength while reduing the stress in your life. Find your zen self and meet us on that mat.


This strength training class targets your booty, thighs and abs.


Hybrid workouts designed to torch calories, chase away boredom and help tone your physique.  Each week is something different!

RIVA Fitness Services

Fitness Classes:  $20.00 per month – unlimited classes –  monthly membership
                               $10.00 for class drop in
All classes must be signed up through MindandBody app
Personal Training – NO Expiration date

60 minutes       $50  30 minutes       $30         

Session Packages for Personal Training
5 sessions – 60 minutes     $250.00
5 sessions – 30 minutes     $150.00


Monday 6:15 AM Riva Fit Bootcamp   Andrew Beynan
Monday 6:00 PM Core Kickboxing   Andrew Beynan
Monday 7:00 PM Yoga   Dara Patrusky
Tuesday 6:15 AM Strength, Stretching, Balance   Robin Gillespie
Tuesday 6:00 PM Cardio Boxing   Steven Westbrook
Tuesday 7:15 PM Full Body Fusion   Steven Westbrook
Wednesday 6:15 AM Power & Strength   Andrew Beynan
Wednesday 6:00 PM Abs, Arms & Legs   Saige Robb
Wednesday 7:00 PM Barre   Saige Robb
Thursday 6:15 AM HIIT   Robin Gillespie
Thursday 6:00 PM Pilates   Saige Robb
Thursday 7:15 PM Target It   Joshua Coleman
Friday 6:15 AM Core Kickboxing   Andrew Beynan
Friday 12:00 PM HIIT   Joshua Coleman
Friday 5:30 PM Riva Fit Bootcamp   Joshua Coleman
Saturday 9:00 AM Full Body Ripped   Joshua Coleman
Sunday 10:30AM Yoga  

Personal Training at RIVA Fitness  (click here to learn more)