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Creating Balance

Stretch Your Energy

Welcome to RIVA Health + Wellness

Your Daily Escape for Luxury Spa Treatments

Tucked within Philadelphia’s most dynamic neighborhood resides the means to an ever-elusive end: total wellbeing. RIVA Health + Wellness is the seamless integration of fitness, nutrition, luxury spa therapy treatments and eastern and western medicine distilled down to a hyper-personalized program. When your needs can shift by the day, a destination that’s designed to be every bit as responsive is well overdue.

Luxury Spa Treatments Philadelphia

The Convenient Reprieve

Until we all come equipped with a restart mode, there’s Spa Riva, where the extensive menu of spa treatments spells rejuvenation in tens of different ways, all of them designed to return you to the waiting world feeling (and looking) like you’re just back from vacation.

Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Confidence Comes from Within

Perfection is pursued at our Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with equal attention to the science and the emotion. Please stay tuned as we build this part of our practice. We should have some news shortly to share.


Modern Alignment

We pulled the best from the east—treatments that have endured centuries of scrutiny—and the west—cutting-edge therapies capable of reshaping the body without a single incision—to craft a wellbeing program that’s uniquely comprehensive.


When Life Holds You Down, Push Back

Whether it’s stiffness from last night’s workout or the workweek’s stress onslaught, chiropractic care is a safe, effective response. And our house chiropractor, Victoria Pagano-Hummel, is renowned for applying it with an especially gentle touch.

Power in Numbers

From high-intensity interval training to power yoga, our group fitness sessions are total-body workouts that are as addictive as they are results-driven.
Blow off some stress—and a few hundred calories
while you’re at it.


Sustainable Shouldn’t be Confused with Obsessed

If eating mindfully—locally sourced, seasonal, nutrient-dense foods—becomes a burden, it’s pointless. Our registered dieticians craft their strategies by the individual so that each bite feels a little closer to second nature—and the returns on your investment, undeniable.

“The HIIT classes kick my butt! But I’ve never gotten more out of a workout in so little time. My stamina and strength are better than they’ve ever been. Not to mention my supreme satisfaction with that sexy figure staring back at me in the mirror.”

Jacoby Taylor

“I’ve always tried to eat right and workout regularly. I’ve just never been able to do both at the same time. After a few weeks of nutrition counseling, though, I not only see how they go hand in hand, I’ve also learned how to sustain them in a way that doesn’t feel like I’m living my life in a little box.”

Noelle Weiss

“The Express Facial gets my vote, here and now, for the best facial in the city. The treatment’s different each time because my skin changes with the weather. But I always leave feeling reinvigorated. Not a bad return on my lunch break.”

Danielle Donello

“An early fitness class—anything that gets my heart rate up as fast as an espresso—chased by a meditative hour of cupping has become my Saturday-morning routine. By noon, I’ve completely forgotten the workweek, and everything else weighing me down.”

Sarah Hadley

One Brown Medical Arts

1 Brown Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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